A Vagrant's story...

I am a Freelance illustrator,Character Designer,having worked for game studios such as Capcom,Platinum Games and Emerald City Games.I've had mangas published by Tokyopop and am currently working with Udon Entertainment.

I've been working in the games industry for nearly 7 years now and am always looking forward to working on new and exciting projects.

I've been and moving around the world ever since i can remember,i've made friends and lost them along the way,but Art has always been with me. 

currently an artist for Udon Entertainment.
I've done work for:



-Platinum Games(Concept Art"Nier Automata" " Scalebound")

-Capcom(Street Fighter 4 Costume Designs)

-Udon Entertainment (Street Fighter/Darkstalkers Comic Art)

-Ian Cofino (Dreamscaper Boss Designs)

-Pixel Arc Studios (Illustrator “Bushiden”)

-Interabang Etertainment (Illustrator-UI Design “jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch”

-Contingent 99 (Illustrator”Wizard of Legend”)

-Tokyopop(Comic Art)

-Emerald City Games(Concept Art.Character Designer,Illustrator)

-BOOM!Studios(Comic Art)